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Master Lasher Wooden Flogger

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A must-have flogger for every level of BDSM enthusiast. Great for teasing, training, and keeping your sub disciplined. The long and flowy tassel creates the right amount of sting to make your sub quiver and squirm. Excellent for beginners to explore the dark side of the bedroom or adepts for rough fulfilling play.

This wooden flogger is a versatile implement in the bedroom - swing it gently for a light touch for teasing, dangling it and tickling your subs bare skin, or use it vigorously and strike with authority on your lover's meaty parts to remind them of their place. The stinging stimulation will leave them craving for more!

The durable wooden handle is comfortable to swing and does not put any strain on the wrist, while the tassels are made with comfortable PU leather that distributes pressure more evenly to prevent pain that is too much to handle.

MS Master Lasher Wooden Flogger Specs:

Measurements: Overall length 18.75 inches, Flogger straps length 10.4 inches, Flogger straps width 2 inches

Materials: Wood, PU Leather, Metal

Color: Brown and Black
Master Lasher Wooden Flogger
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