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Masters Wooden Paddle

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Wonderful Premium Wooden Paddle for Thuddy Spanking

Enjoy an enticing sting and widespread smacks with this Master’s Wooden Paddle. Built to help Doms dominate and punish any submissive with audible spanks.

This paddle features three slats carved into the center and a comfortable-to-hold handle. Durable and long lasting, constructed with high-quality and ultra-smooth wood. Perfectly crafted to punish any submissive with style!

Key Features

  • Sensual Impact Play:Stimulate your partner’s ass or any meaty part with this paddle. Perfect for thuddy spanking.
  • Premium Wood Finish: Made with quality wood with natural wood color. Round and smooth edges for comfort and safety.
  • Classic and Intimidating: Excellent coverage thanks to its wide and large surface area.
  • Lightweight and Easy to Use: The paddle is light enough that repetitive use won’t tire you out quickly. The handle is just wide enough to fit comfortably in the palm of your hand, and the paddle is short enough to encourage accurate aim.

  • Master's Paddle Wooden Paddle Specs:

    Measurements: 14.6 inches total length, width 4 inches, height 1 inch

    Materials: Wood

    Color: Wood
    Masters Wooden Paddle
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