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Pom Pom Nipple Clamps

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Decorate Your Duo with Pom Pom Clamps!

Enjoy a little bit of nipple play and want to take it further? Adding adjustable nipple clamps can be the perfect leveling up to your sensual play! These clamps adjust via the turn screw so you can get the exact pressure you desire! These clamps grip tightly with vinyl coated tips that protect the delicate skin of the areola and nipples, as well! Adding adornment to pain and pleasure, these clamps have soft, plush pom poms on each end that bounce and caress your skin as you move! To clean them, simply spray toy cleaner on the metal after use. Spot clean the vegan friendly, faux fur as needed.

Dress up your chest and let your breasts cheer you on with Pom Pom Nipple Clamps! To put them on, turn the screw so there's plenty of room and the mouth of the clamp is open. Then, grab one nipple with your free hand and then use your other hand to slide the clamp right behind the nipple, onto the areola. Slowly start to screw it closed little by little as you find the right pressure. Do one nipple at a time and remember to breathe. For best results, wear them for 30 minutes or less the first few times as you get used to them. Remember, it hurts more to take them off than to put them on when they've been on a while!

Key Features

  • Adjustable Clamps: Use the screw twist to create the exact amount of pressure you desire!
  • Vinyl Tipped: Vinyl coated tips help protect the delicate tissue of the nipple and areola!
  • Faux Fur Pom Poms: Vegan friendly and easy to clean, these faux fur pom poms are perfect for sexy, fun play!

Pom Pom Nipple Clamps Specs:

Measurements: Overall length: 4.5 inches, Clamps open up to 0.5 inches wide

Materials: Synthetic fibers, metal, vinyl

Color: black
Pom Pom Nipple Clamps
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