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Possession Stainless Steel Locking Collar

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A Steel Collar for Special Partners

Ready to take your relationship to a more serious level? Placing a Steel Locking Collar around their neck claims them as yours and keeps that reminder around their neck until they are released. This stainless steel collar is non-porous, durable, nickel-free and perfect for long-term wear! It locks into place with a hex key that one partner can hold onto and keep in a safe place until the collar needs to come off. For some, it may just be a beautiful, decorative accessory that will last a lifetime; for others, it's a sexy promise of care and protection. Pick the size that fits you best and enjoy this wonderful collar for years to come!

Take the hex key and open the collar. Place the collar around your neck, making sure that there is still some space between the metal and your skin. It should not be too tight or choke you (if it is, you need a larger size). Then turn the hex key to close the lock and place the key in a secure place where it won't get lost. With this beautiful new collar on, enjoy matching it with other jewelry and outfits to accessorize or show it off! If you're in a D/s relationship, have your Dominant place the collar on you in a collaring ceremony.

To clean it, you may take it off and boil it in water or use a cleaning solution as often as needed.

Key Features

  • Stainless Steel: This strong, durable and sexy stainless steel is nickel-free for sensitive skin types and non-porous so it's easy to clean and care for.
  • Locking Mechanism: This collar comes with a hex-key to lock it once placed around the neck.
  • Decorative and Symbolic: It can easily be worn as a decorative accessory or as an elegant indication of submissive status in a serious Dominant/submissive relationship.
  • Longterm Wear: Feel free to wear it for short scenes or for long term wear such as weeks or months at a time!

  • Possession Stainless Steel Locking Collar Specs:

    Small Measurements: Band width: 0.3 inches. Inner circumference: 14 inches (35.5cm).

    Medium Measurements: Band width: 0.3 inches. Inner circumference: 15.2 inches (38.5cm).

    Large Measurements: Band width: 0.3 inches. Inner circumference: 17 inches (43cm).

    XL Measurements:Band width: 0.3 inches. Inner circumference: 17.6 inches (44.75cm).

    Materials: Stainless steel

    Color: Metal
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