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Raptor Reptile Stroker

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A Hiss and a Long-Tongued Lizard Kiss

Lay out on the hot rocks and find yourself a reptilian lover with this dragon-lizard inspired stroker! Indulge in sci-fi, fantasy and horror inspired masturbator and indulge in fantasy-filled solo-sessions that truly satisfy! This soft and squishy TPE stoker takes you to the next level with a grooved, ribbed and textured tunnel that massages your rod with each stroke. The firm case is easy to grip so all the water-based lube can stay inside while you keep your hands mess-free. At the base of the case is a small plug; use this to add or remove pressure and suction as you wish! Without the plug in place, the stroker is also open ended making clean up easy! Simply run warm water and mild soap through it. For an even more thorough clean up process, remove the stroker sleeve and wash it separately before letting it air dry. Place the cap on top once the sleeve is reinserted to keep it free of dust and debris. Use only with water-based lubricants.

You'd been curious what was beyond the known lands that have been charted and mapped, so after you headed out with a team to explore the deep caves beneath the Earth's surface, you were searching for something you'd never seen before. As you descend on your solo journey, your expedition team waiting at the base camp, you are eager to get in and get out. It's hot below the surface. Of course, it is usually cold and dark but what you and your team discovered changed all assumptions about what is hidden below. Specialty caves carved out by giant beings, scrapes and claw marks on the walls, created a small city below the surface! Each one of them was close enough to a lava vein to keep it nice and hot. Sweating and wet, you take off your shirt and take a break to drink some of your iced water. Your vision feels hazy, you're exhausted, and as hard as you try to fight it, you start to fall asleep. With a jolt you wake! There's something holding your arm. You open your eyes and come face to face with a lizard creature! Their green, scaled skin and large yellow eyes put you into a state of shock and you scream! The lizard hisses and pounces on you, pinning you so you stay still. It is as large as you are, muscled and lean with a human-like form around the breasts and face. It isn't quite a lizard or human, but something in between. It starts to make a purring sound, deep in its throat, and flick its tongue. It pulls your pants off as its nose sniffs for something like a dog would. As soon as your pants are off you rod springs free, hard and twitching despite your best effort to calm it! The lizard creature climbs on top, its strong, taloned claws holding you down so you can't move, its tail swishing from side to side, and then begins to rub against your shaft. As it does, its eyes close slightly and you can feel it begin to open up. Your shaft slips inside its wet slit and the tight squeeze around your shaft makes you gasp! As it rides you it keeps purring, writhing and grinding until you both climax in the hot caves beneath the earth!

Key Features

  • Fantasy Stroker: This soft green colored stroker is designed with skin like a reptile so you can have the Lizard Girl or Dragon Girl of your dreams!
  • Soft and Stretchy: This soft, plush and stretchy TPE stroker is the perfect addition to upgrade your solo sessions!
  • Open Ended: Clean up is easy with this open-ended design! You can also remove the sleeve to thoroughly wash and dry it between uses.
  • Texture and Pressure: The inside is textured with nubs and grooves to drive you wild! Add suction and pressure by keeping the silicone plug inside the base, or remove it for less pressure.

  • Raptor Reptile Stroker Specs:

  • Case: 8.7 inches Length x 3.5 inches Width.
  • Insertion depth: 7.25 inches.

    Materials: Masturbator: TPE. Case: ABS plastic, silicone

    Color: Green

    Note: Use only with water-based lubricants.

  • Raptor Reptile Stroker
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