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Scottish Tawse

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Discipline and Style

Punish your pupil with an old-fashioned Scottish tawse! This split-tongue whip has markings on it that add a look of refinery and style, with woody brown and deep black colors that harken to a headmaster's office full of leather-bound books. This vegan leather tool has a curved handle for improved grip and delivers both a thuddy and stinging sensation as it lands twice with each strike! Spot clean as needed.

The teacher bends you over the desk, exposes your bare bottom, and tells you "This is for your own good." You bite your lip and hold your breath as you feel the shift in weight as your teacher reaches their arm back, readying to strike. The tawse hits your skin with an audible crack! You gasp out loud, but there's more! They hit you four more times, counting out loud as they do, and your fingers grip into the desk. "What will it take to make you behave?" they ask calmly, as if they hadn't just brought all the blushing red to your bottom. You wearily speak, "I'll do better, professor." They pull you up, lift their chin with their thumb, look you right in the eye, and say, "Yes, you will."

Key Features

  • Scottish Design: This old-school tawse was used in Scottish schools as a form of discipline.
  • Split Tongue: The split tongue gives both a thuddy and stinging sensation as it lands twice.
  • Vegan Leather: Made out of realistic-looking vegan leather. Do not use with petroleum oils.
  • Curved Handle: Get a better grip with the curved handle.

Scottish Tawse Specs:


  • Overall length: 17.8 inches.
  • Overall width: 2.1 inches.
  • Tails are 0.25 inches thick

    Materials: Vegan leather

    Color: Black, brown
Scottish Tawse
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