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Sex Toy Mystery Box

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Discover New Things with this Mystery Box!

Don't overthink shopping for sex toys. Instead, embrace the mystery! With this Mystery Box you'll get an assortment of sexy toys to play with that fits your budget! You can choose by price or quantity to help you decide on which box you'd like! Get it for yourself or your partner and then look forward to discreet and fast shipping. Enjoy everything from dildos, butt plugs, nipple clamps, vibrators and more! Unlock the mystery with a partner to explore even more fun! You never know what new things you may enjoy!

Choose your size and value:
Small (at least 2 items) - $40.00 Value! 
Medium (at least 3 items) - $70.00 Value!
Large (at least 4 items) - $120.00 Value!
X-Large (at least 6 items) - $160.00 Value!

Key Features

  • Surprise Yourself With New Toys: Make gift giving exciting and spice up your love life with a Mystery Box! Bring in new gifts that keep the fire alive! Don't stress about choosing toys and let yourself discover something new each time!
  • Fast and Discreet Shipping: Your mystery box arrives fast and stays a secret up until the moment it gets unwrapped by you!
  • Choose By Value or Quantity: Choose based on the number of toys or based on your budget to get great deals and value!
  • Mystery Box Specs:

    Note: Items will be different in each box and dependent upon product availability.
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