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Short 2mm E-Stim Cable

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Lightweight Cables for Electro Stimulation Fun

This short, lightweight set of cables measures at 59 inches. Perfect for sticky electrode pads and other accessories that don't require a lot of wire to work with. Compatible with most E-Stim products with a 3.5mm jack input.

Key Features

  • 2mm/Tens Connectors: Made to plug into estim insertables and self-adhesive conductive pads
  • 2 Plugs and a Jack Socket: The 3.5mm jack socket connects to power boxes or control units, while the color 2mm ends plug into your accessory

  • Short 2mm Cable Specs:

    Measurements: Length: 59 inches (1.5 meters)

    Materials: Wire, plastic, cabling

    Color: Black, yellow

    Note: Cables include a 3 month guarantee.
    Short 2mm E-Stim Cable
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