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The Jail House Chastity Device

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A chastity device is used, in the course of bondage play, to keep the male from obtaining a complete erection. The Jail House Chastity Device has a comfortable fit, but maintains the purpose of making sure that he cannot become fully aroused (no matter how hard -- no pun intended -- he tries).

Choose one of three rings that will best fit over your penis and balls and place it right at the base of the penis (behind the scrotum). Place your semi-flaccid cock into the chastity device and then bring the chastity and the ring together. The included padlock secures the two pieces in place.

Then go ahead and tease him, seduce him and watch as he is unable to get fully erect. This practice can be a turn-on for both him and you.

Jail House Chastity Device Contents:

  • (3) Stainless Steel Cock Rings of various inside diameters
  • (1) Stainless Steel Chastity Cage
  • (1) Padlock with two keys

    Jail House Chastity Device Specs and Benefits:

  • Size (small ring): Measures approx. 1.5" inside diameter
  • Size (med ring): Measures approx. 1.75" inside diameter
  • Size (large ring): Measures approx. 2" inside diameter
  • Size (chastity cage): Measures approx. 3.25" in length, 1.5" in width and 4.5" in circumference
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Keeps your male partner from achieving a full, complete erection
  • Use the padlock (included) to securely lock the two pieces together
  • Comes included with a velvet carrying pouch
The Jail House Chastity Device
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