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Thunder Strap Wand Thigh Harness

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The Perfect Hands-Free Solo or Couples Harness

Strap on your personal wand vibrator with this Thunder Strap wand thigh harness! It places the head of a vibrating wand massager directly against your most sensitive parts between the thighs. Make use of grinding, writhing and humping without needing to use a prop or pillow. The harness wraps around your thigh and has an adjustable nylon strap and snaps closed with the buckle to keep it in place. You can use it for solo, hands-free pleasure and affix it in place with two velcro straps holding the wand. Invite your partner to play and make use of the built-in O-ring so they can ride you as you combine the wand and a strapon dildo for the ultimate lap-dance! Made out of vegan leather, nylon, and nickel-free metal. Spot clean as needed.

Your favorite wand is strapped into place. Lube glistens on the top of the head and you turn it on. As you squeeze your thighs together and curl your knees towards you you feel the strong vibrations. You writhe and move with your pleasure as it rises. Your hands wander to your chest and pinch your nipples as you grind and tease yourself with the wand. Your partner walks in, pleased to see you warming up. They grab the dildo that was set out and climb on top of you. They kiss you deeply and edge you to a body-shaking big O! Then as they caress you post-release, they adjust the straps and add the dildo into the harness. They pull you up to a seated position and they begin to ride you and the wand as you grab their body, kissing and writhing, turned on by their ecstasy…

Key Features

  • Solo Pleasure: This vegan leather thigh harness holds a vibrating wand exactly where you want it for hands-free self-pleasure!
  • Adjustable: The thigh and wand straps are adjustable so you can use it on most wands and comfortably strap it on.
  • Great for Couples!: There's a built-in O-ring where you can slip a strapon dildo into place and let your partner ride and grind!
  • Vegan Leather: Made out of vegan, cruelty-free leather.
  • Thunder Strap Wand Thigh Harness Specs:

  • Thigh strap adjusts from 13.5 inches to 33 inches in circumference.
  • Wand straps adjust up to 8 inches (top strap) and 7 inches (bottom strap) in circumference.
  • O-ring diameter: 1.57 inches.

    Materials: PU leather, nylon, metal

    Color: Black

  • Thunder Strap Wand Thigh Harness
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