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Wormhole Alien Stroker

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Get Sucked in to an Alien Fantasy!

Enter a new dimension with this Wormhole Alien Stroker! Made out of premium quality, TPE this sci-fi inspired masturbation toy is body-safe and perfect for all your personal fantasies! Take your solo-session to the next level with a grooved, ribbed and textured tunnel that massages your rod with each stroke. The firm case is easy to grip so all the water-based lube can stay inside while you keep your hands mess-free. At the base of the case is a small plug; use this to add or remove pressure and suction as you wish! Without the plug in place, the stroker is also open ended making clean up easy! Simply run warm water and mild soap through it. For an even more thorough clean up process, remove the stroker sleeve and wash it separately before letting it air dry. Place the cap on top once the sleeve is reinserted to keep it free of dust and debris. Use only with water-based lubricants.

You're strapped to a cold, metal table in the middle of a room with a metal dome ceiling. There are holographic screens in the back of the room that hang in midair. You hear slight beeping and electronic sounds and the faint tap-tap-tap as someone comes closer to you. A humanoid alien with soft purple skin, tall and fierce looking, stands before you. They grab hold of the shackles and tighten them. They shine a light in your eye and make sure you're awake, then they run their fingernails over your chest. Their sharp nails are like talons, and as they open their mouth you see they have long, sharp fangs that curve. A long tongue reaches out to taste the air and then licks your neck. Your body shivers and you feel the fight or flight impulses coming over you. You struggle against the shackles, but can't get free. Their breasts distract you and you watch them slide their hands down between their thighs. You turn your head to look and, to your horror, see they have a toothy, taloned hole between their thighs! It pulses, dripping wet with slime. They straddle you on the table and their eyes glow as they ride you! As your rod gets sucked into their hole, you feel like the soul has been snatched from your body as all of your energy gets pulled into your shaft. The pulsing, sucking sensations blow your mind and before you know it, you've blown your load as well.

Key Features

  • Fantasy Stroker: This soft purple stroker has a circular entrance with rows of talons. Get sucked into another dimension as these alien teeth grab hold of your rod!
  • Soft and Stretchy: This soft, plush and stretchy TPE stroker is the perfect addition to upgrade your solo sessions!
  • Open Ended: Clean up is easy with this open-ended design! You can also remove the sleeve to thoroughly wash and dry it between uses.
  • Texture and Pressure: The inside is textured with nubs and grooves to drive you wild! Add suction and pressure by keeping the silicone plug inside the base, or remove it for less pressure.

  • Wormhole Alien Stroker Specs:

  • Case: 8.7 inches Length x 3.5 inches Width.
  • Insertion depth: 7.25 inches.

  • Masturbator: TPE
  • Case: ABS plastic, silicone

    Color: Purple

    Note: Use only with water-based lubricants for best results.

  • Wormhole Alien Stroker
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