Drive him erotically insane with this black canvas straight jacket. These are durable items of clothing that are made of soft canvas, which makes them more comfortable that the traditional institution jackets you have seen. This model is one of the more popular versions that we offer. The straps are sturdy and include dual crotch straps, which are a rare feature of this particular jacket. The dual leg straps help keep your lover from escaping since he can't pull it over his head. This jacket is now includes a black leather strap that binds the arm sleeves together in front. It is of high-quality and a low price.


  • Small: 36-39 Inch Chest; 29-32 Inch Waist; 23.5 Inch Back Length; 25 Inch Front Length; 37 Inch Sleeve Length.
  • Medium: 39-42 Inch Chest; 32-35 Inch Waist; 24 Inch Back Length; 25.5 Inch Front Length; 37.5 Inch Sleeve Length.
  • Large: 43-46 Inch Chest; 35-38 Inch Waist; 24.5 Inch Back Length; 26 Inch Front Length; 38 Inch Sleeve Length.
  • Extra Large: 47-50 Inch Chest; 38-42 Inch Waist; 25 Inch Back Length; 26.5 Inch Front Length; 38.5 Inch Sleeve Length.