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What about flowers, candy, card & dinner reservations?


If anyone is sure to have a good Valentine's Day, it's the card, floral, and candy companies.

In a wickedly clever move, they raise their prices around the holiday. These last minute gifts are all more expensive, in short supply, and so cliche that they can be promptly forgotten.

At the same time, most restaurants are at peak capacity. If you didn't make reservations weeks in advance, you'll be lucky to find a diner with a 2 hour wait time.

Furthermore, you'll end up spending more money on special menus, while their staff struggles to provide anything close to their normal level of service.   

Almost any other day of the year you would be a hero if you surprised your partner with any one of these gifts, let alone all of them. However, the lack of thought and effort means that they're easily taken for granted on Valentine’s Day.


Instead save the money that you would have spent on those gifts and use it to provide three or four separate surprises later, when prices have gone down, and for V-Day itself provide something even better.

In Theory:



In theory, Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate and indulge in romance, intimacy, and appreciation of your partner. It's the one day out of the whole year when it's acceptable to be excessively sentimental and absorbed in the love you share.


Whatever issues are going on under the surface or outside of your relationship can be blissfully forgotten for those 24 sweet hours, while you bask in mutual adoration. And hopefully, by the end of the day, you'll get to enjoy a romp in the sack.

In Practice:



In practice, Valentine's Day is all too often expensive, stressful, and disappointing for one or both partners. Cue the passive-aggression, arguments, and tears.


Even if it doesn't get to that point, the last thing you want to be saying on this special day is, "Well, maybe we can do that next year."


Furthermore,  the last thing you want to be saying next year is, "What did we do last year?"  

After all, we all know that when Valentine's Day goes sour... well, you can forget about the sex.

If you do find yourself in that situation, sex toys are always a solo option as well.

The Problems:

While there are many elements that can contribute to a less than desirable Valentine's Day, most of them have very little to do with the actual holiday, aside from it acting as a trigger.


All relationships face hurdles, but you don't want to be thinking of those challenges on V-Day, and you certainly don't want to be thinking of them because of V-Day.


However, there are three main factors that tend to emerge on this particular holiday that can lead to an, at best, forgettable day and, at worst, one that's remembered for the wrong reasons.


Whether you or your partner are consciously aware of your expectations for Valentine's Day, it’s almost a certainty that you have some. The media paints a picture of V-Day as a fairytale, and we frequently eat it right up.


Disappointment comes from expectations that are not met. Whether it’s you not meeting your partner’s expectations or vice versa, whether it's not giving the right gift, or waiting an hour for a table, there can be hidden "gotchas" that rise up and take one or both of you unaware.

Scarce Resources

Time is the one thing that you can never get more of, and is almost always in short supply. When V-Day falls on a work night (like it does all too often), it can add even more stress to your schedule.  You've only got half the day to meet all your partner's expectations, and your own.


And then, of course, there's money. For the proverbial 99%, it probably doesn't seem like you could ever have enough money to give your partner what they truly deserve.


While they're unlikely to get bent out of shape for not getting showered in luxury cars or dream homes, it can still be difficult to gauge how much is appropriate to spend on a Valentine's gift. Sadly, too many arguments arise not just because someone didn't spend enough money, but because they may have spent too much money.


Human beings are social animals. It's in our nature to compare ourselves to those around us. Unfortunately, the head-swiveling, "Am I doing this right?" is too frequently transferred to your partner: "Is he/she doing this right?"


We may know that what really counts is that it feels right for us, but in the age of social media, when everyone brags about their best moments, it can be easy to find ways that your relationship doesn't measure up to others'. Of course, that only means you aren't measuring in the right units.


On the other hand, comparing what you and your partner do for each other on Valentine's Day can be even more heart-wrenching. If they put a lot of thought, effort, or money into your gift, and you simply make a quick stop by the market on the day of, expect there to be feelings of inadequacy on one or both sides.

The Solutions:

When you think about it, there's not much that's romantic about doing Valentine's Day the traditional way. Romance is usually more tailored to the individual person or your relationship, rather than feeling obligated to do what everyone else is doing. That doesn't mean you have to be a V-Day "Scrooge" or waste a perfect opportunity to celebrate your partnership.


So why not create your own traditions?

Enjoy a more fulfilling experience together by getting over those common hurdles of Valentine's Day:

Manage Expectations

It’s much easier said than done to “have no expectations” and almost impossible to get someone else to do so. Have a frank discussion about what you want out Valentine's Day this year, and what you're capable of giving.


Are you going to be too tired after work to get dressed up and go out? Do you hate half the chocolates in those assorted boxes? Do you want a momento or a memorable experience? How about both? By managing expectations in advance, you're both better prepared to create and enjoy your V-Day.

Get More Bang for Your Buck

Decide ahead of time how much money you are going to spend. If you're married or living with your partner, this may be essential since your finances are likely connected in some way. We may roll our eyes when people say, "the best things in life are free," but there are a few things that spring to mind that it's absolutely true about.


While an orgasm might be a dime a dozen for some, adding a new accessory ensures that excitement is enhanced. Fortunately, whatever your budget is, there is a wide range of sex toys that bring something fresh to the experience.

Eliminate Possibility for Comparison

There are two great ways to ensure that your partner can't compare their experiences to anyone else's.


One is to give them a gift that is entirely unique.Write a letter to your lover rather than giving them a card. Make an instagram-worthy dinner at home together instead of heading to the trendiest new spot.


Why not BE the gift this year? You both know that no one can compare to that.




Which leads to one of the best ways to have an incomparable Valentine's Day: give them an evening that can't be spoken of.


Give your lover something that they can't show off in the office or on social media, because it's just between the two of you.


If someone asks what they did, all they will be able to say is, "It was a great night, but I can't tell you more than that." How's that for a humblebrag?!

How to do Valentine’s Day right

The goal is to create a romantic V-Day that costs less and is beyond comparison. The experience is where the real value is, but a memento is a great way to encapsulate the story. When you give your partner a material gift, no matter how big or small, they will remember your special day together every time they see it.

Skip the perishable gifts and opt for something that will keep giving back.

While prices have gone up on flowers, candy, and cards, prices on sex toys actually go down around Valentine's Day. For instance, at Healthy & Active, the most popular toys for men, women, and couples have a big discount leading up to V-Day.


You don't end up paying extra for shipping, just because it's a holiday. You don't have to stop by a crowded store to pick through the scarce leftovers. 

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Giving a sex toy for Valentine’s day gives the experience you both want.

Show your lover that their happiness is the best gift you could get by giving them a toy. We have plenty of Valentines gifts for men, Valentines gifts for women, and sexy Valentines toys for couples. Spend the day indulging in orgasm after orgasm. You know that every time they use it after that, they'll be thinking of you.


If you give your partner a piece of sex furniture, whether it's a set of bed restraints or a sex swing, the two of you get to spend your day setting it up and trying out all the exciting new ways you can play with it.


If you want to treat your partner to some anal fun, an anal training kit allows you to take things slow for maximum comfort and prolonged pleasure. You won't soon forget a day devoted entirely to anal sex.


Sex toy kits give you several toys to experiment with on both partners, creating a sensual adventure as you explore new levels of pleasure with each other's bodies.


When you make Valentine's Day about the physical intimacy between the two of you, you exceed any expectations that our candy-heart-crazed society might have programmed into you.


You and your partner will both know that no one's bragging around the water cooler or posts on social media could compare.


Forget about reservations at crowded restaurants. Forget about cards that other people wrote. Forget about flowers and candy that will last just a few days. You will never forget about the Valentine's Day when you and your lover got lost in lust.


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