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Weird-gasms – 13 of the Weirdest Spontaneous Orgasms – Part 1

Strange-Gasms... Weird-Gasms... Spontaneous Orgasms... And, Extragenital Orgasms... Oh Yeah!


There are many types orgasms that are possible, and then there are some that seem impossible, even ludicrous.  But all these orgasms have actually been documented.  Believe it or not?!!

There are orgasms, and then there are weird Orgasms.“Normal” orgasms are caused by sexual stimulation of some kind.Weird Orgasms (more accurately called Spontaneous Orgasms or non-sexual orgasm), are orgasms that can occur spontaneously, seemingly without sexual stimulation, or during a non-sexual activity.

Spontaneous Orgasms

Non-sexual orgasms can occur during horseback riding, or riding a bike, or even by wearing clothing that is too tight.All these types of orgasm make sense, because they are applying pressure and friction to the clitoris, so we could call them Friction-gasms. Then there are the types of orgasms caused by just thinking about it, via fantasies or dreams, or by “thinking off”, which we could classify as a Mind-gasm.But, what about orgasms caused by simply brushing your hair or teeth?Yes, there are those kinds of spontaneous orgasms too, which have left medical science baffled.These types of orgasms are called Extragenital Orgasms (“situated or originating outside the genital region or organs extragenital sexual responses”[i]).

The video above is a compilation of women having orgasms while reading, by NYC-based photographer and filmmaker Clayton Cubitt.


Friction Type Orgasms

Friction type orgasms are a learnable type of orgasm, so if you are up for it, try one of these out!

1.Humping and Squeeze-Gasms

So, you may have heard of women getting off from riding a bike, or horseback riding, or via humping their pillow (vibrator not included) or a stuffed animal (damn I hate it when my dog does that!). I nearly had an orgasm one time from bike riding. Luckily I got home in time to relieve myself before something embarrassing happened.

Then, there was this girl I knew who used to have orgasms while riding the bus.This was not because of the vibration of the bus under her seat, but because she would cross her legs and squeeze her thighs together, and due to her very tight pants, she could give herself an orgasm that way from the friction.She was probably also engaging her PC muscle as well, which aids in sexual stimulation and orgasms.Why on the bus?I don’t know.I think she liked to secretly get off in public.


A Coregasm is triggered by doing exercise, mainly by engaging the abdominal muscles.Sex researcher, Debby Herbenick, PhD, even wrote a book on how to have them: The Coregasm Workout. She says there is a method on how to have these exercise-induced orgasms which begin with a cardio workout, then an ab workout where you work your muscles to the point of exhaustion.Sounds like fun!During a study by Herbenick and her colleagues, 51% had orgasms linked to abdominal exercises. [ii]Researchers think that these types of orgasms could be due to a mixture of friction as well as (even more so) engaging the pelvic floor (PC muscle), which makes sense.Herbenick says approximately 10% of men and women spontaneously have coregasms.So, if you want to make your workout even better and try getting a coregasm, do lots of crunches!


Yogasms are my favorite type of non-sexual orgasm.One, because it sounds cool, and two, you can learn to do this (Yes, really!).Why, because it engages your PC muscle and perineum (sex muscles or mulabandha) and it also accesses your kundalini (root chakra) which is none to aid in orgasm via Tantra and Breath Energy Orgasms (read about these types of orgasms in my last article).

Having a strong PC muscle help women to reach orgasm more easily, experience more powerful and pleasurable orgasms, and may even help women achieve multiple orgasms as they learn to better control and respond to their sexual arousal.Fit PC muscle also improve G-spot stimulation and can help women learn to experience G-spot orgasms and female ejaculation.Rhythmic squeezing of the PC muscle during intercourse will help increase lubrication, and stimulates the clitoris.So, whether we work the PC muscle during kegels, yoga or sex, it all helps make us more orgasmic.

I took a course by Jaiya called “Yoga for Sexual Health & Pleasure” and it is all about engaging your mulabandha and learning to move sexual energy around the body, to enhance your ability to orgasm.It is also a very carnal type of yoga, where you touch yourself very sensually.Moving sexual energy around the body via the chakras, breath, touch, sound and movement can lead to full body orgasms as well.Sexycises by Sexperts: Yin Yang Yoga for Intimacy is another new video and book created by Dr. Ava Cadell, featuring 20 top sexperts that is geared towards couples and creating more intimacy.


Birth-gasms (also know as orgasmic or ecstatic births) happens in about 0.3% of births, and may not be so shocking as it comes down to simple anatomy, due to it obviously engaging the vagina, cervix and (indirectly) the clitoris in a very intense way, leading to uterine contractions.Beverly Whipple, one of the doctors who “discovered” and documented the G-spot, says that this area has a pain-blocking function that can increase a woman’s pain threshold by 48% [iii].Research also shows that sexual stimulation and orgasm reduce the sensitivity to pain and physiologically blocks pain transmitters.Many other sexologists believe that the internal clitoris surrounds the walls of the vagina, which means clitoral stimulation can happen indirectly via vaginal stimulation, and vaginal and clitoral orgasms are thus related.Some women even use “clitoral and nipple stimulation [as well as] vibrators during labor to decrease pain” [iv].


We all know that our biggest sexual organ is the brain, so it stands to reason that it has a lot to do with achieving orgasm.Like I always say, “Mind over matter”.


A Dream-gasm (also called a wet dream in men because it can cause ejaculation and a “sleep-gasm” in women according to urban dictionary), is the type of orgasm men and women can have during sleep.It happens usually during erotic dreams (REM sleep), and can feel just as intense and euphoric as a daytime induced orgasm.Maybe even more erotic (or easier to orgasm) because you are in a dream state and can fulfill your deepest fantasies, so our waking monkey-mind can’t get in the way or arousal.

In a 1983 study called “Patterns of female sexual arousal during sleep and waking” confirmed that “females manifest cyclic episodes of vascular engorgement during REMPs equivalent to erections in men” which were basically the same levels of engorgement as during masturbation while awake, and showed “similar cardiorespiratory patterns suggests that they, too, are erotic in nature.” [v]Heart rate and breathing rates also sped up as well. This goes to show that orgasm can be greatly affected by sexual fantasies (but you didn’t need science to tell you that, did you?) and our thoughts have a lot to do with how easy it is to achieve orgasm.


In my last article, The Top 14 Types of Female Orgasms, I wrote about this phenomenon as well, also called “thinking-off” or Breath Energy Orgasms.A professor at Rutgers, Barry Komisaruk, a researcher of "non-genital orgasms" and co-author of The Science Of Orgasm, has been mapping what happens in the brain during orgasm, and revealed that women who think themselves off have the same areas of their brain light up as when they induce orgasm via masturbation.His team also noticed that the prefrontal cortex (the part of our brain responsible for thinking) had much more increased activity during Mind-gasms, than during normal genital orgasms.

Stay tuned to part 2 of this article for the next 7 types of Weird-Gasms!

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Until next time, stay Healthy & Active, because one is no good without the other!






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