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The Top 14 Types of Female Orgasms – Yes, These Are Real - Part 2

The Top 7 More Types of Female Orgasms!

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So, in Part 1 of this article I showed you the 1st 7 of the Top 14 Types of Female Orgasms. If you missed it, check out the back-blog.

Now, without further ado, here are the next 7 Type Types of Female Orgasms, you didn't know you could have... but you can.

8.Cervical – Cervical orgasms are also called deep spot orgasms, as the P-spot, A-spot and cervix are all usually stimulated at the same time during any deep type of penetration.According to Layla Martin (The Headmistress of Pleasure) in her video “9 Steps to having Cervical Orgasms” [i], cervical orgasms are incredible, mind-blowing, full-body orgasmic pleasurable experiences: they connect you to high states of spiritual and mystical awareness, are the source of feminine power, wisdom and creativity, and of ecstatic bliss and physical pleasure.The cervix has three nerves that connect to the brain, whereas the clitoris only has one, so even though the cervix is less sensitive than the clitoris, “once it goes off, it can really light up the brain”. How to have one?Layla says to first locate your cervix via non-sexual activities just to explore where it is and how it feels being touched there, and then you can train your partner how to pleasure you, by telling them what feels good.She advises to begin with self-pleasure and a dildo first and just lay it so it touches the cervix, or use gentle penetration.You can also get your partner to help using their fingers, a dildo or their penis.Layla warns that you need to be turned on before attempting to stimulate the cervix, which is true for most types of vaginal stimulation, otherwise it could be uncomfortable or even painful.It may take up to 45 minutes of cervical stimulation before you get the pleasure you are seeking.When stimulating this area don’t go too hard or too fast, instead use slow, rhythmic and steady pressure. The cervix stores trauma and emotional pain, so you may need to de-amour this area first to feel pleasure.You do this by way of cervical massage and slowly release the built-up tension by using your voice and body via “breathing, feeling and expressing”. Try slow circles around the cervix, back and forth motions or hold gentle pressure directly on the cervix itself. You may also enjoy slow, gentle penetration into the cervix as well.Give yourself time to get used to the experience and rewire your brain for pleasure, including using other sexual and stimulating practices to get you there.Having a regular jade egg practice or using other Tantric ecstatic techniques can also help you find cervical bliss.Kim Anami, the Queen of Vaginal Kung Fu, says cervical orgasms are the “Holy Grail” of orgasms and that any woman can have one once they learn how.She says cervical orgasms are deeper, more pleasurable, ecstatic and multi-orgasmic unlike clitoral type orgasms.“The vaginal orgasms release much more oxytocin, which is the feel-good, bonding, relaxing, glow-inducing hormone of pleasure.” [ii] Sounds good to me!  Want to practice these on your own? Try a long G-spot dildo with a soft silicone head.

9.Anal – Anal orgasms are triggered via anal sex and pleasure.In men, anal orgasms are often stimulated via prostate play.But, women don’t have a male prostate (we have a female prostate), so don’t experience anal pleasure the same way.However, like the vagina, the anus can receive enormous pleasure from the insertion of fingers, toys or a penis.And, because anal sex is slightly taboo, it can be the source of “sinful”, naughty pleasure, just by the thought of it.Tristan Taormino (the Anal Advisor) who describes anal orgasms as “intense, incredible, heavenly, fierce, mind-blowing and explosive”, writes: “The anus, anal canal, and rectum are wonderfully erogenous zones, rich in nerve endings and super-sensitive to stimulation and penetration. At the right angle, many women find that you can indirectly stimulate the G-spot through anal penetration.” [iii]If you haven’t tried anal penetration before it is a good idea to try it solo and start slow.Try warming up the “rosebud of pleasure” first (the anal opening) with lots of lube and getting very aroused.Then, using lots of lube you can place a finger on the entrance and apply subtle pressure until your anus opens to suck your finger tip in.Try anal beads or small butt plugs and graduate up in size.The anus is not self-lubricating, so don’t forget the lube, and don’t use numbing lubes either, because you want to actually feel what is going on inside there so you don’t hurt yourself.According to, anal orgasms can feel better than other genital type orgasms, similar to G-spot orgasm and “are amazing, euphoric and energizing… Anal sex can stimulate areas next to the pudendal, perineal, and rectal nerve clusters which may assist the g-spot in stimulating an orgasm.” [iv] Check out my other articles about anal play and anal sex, if you are interested in trying out this type of forbidden pleasure.

10.Breast-Gasms – Breast-gasms are orgasms that are caused by direct stimulation of the breasts and/or nipples.In a 2006 survey, researchers found that 82% of young females reported enhanced sexual arousal due to direct nipple stimulation [v]. While accounts of some women being able to obtain orgasms by breast and nipple stimulation alone, without any genital stimulation what-so-ever is not recent history [vi], there is now real scientific evidence that proves this is indeed possible.Studies done with brain imaging (fMRI) machines now prove that the same part of the brain, known as the “genital sensory cortex” [vii], lights up when various body parts, including the clitoris, vagina and nipple, are stimulated independently of one another.In other words, nipple stimulation is sexually wired to the same part in the brain as genital stimulation and are processed the same way.So, the nipples and breasts like the genitals can be highly orgasmic.But, that’s not all. Sucking and tugging on the nipples during sex helps to release the “love hormone” oxytocin, which is also produced when a woman breastfeeds. Oxytocin—in addition to helping create a feeling of love and bonding between mother and baby—is responsible for producing contractions in the uterus that help it get back into shape after birth.During sex, however, breast stimulation can cause the same contractions in the uterus, producing orgasms.If the breasts and nipples are stimulated correctly, the nipples send tingles of sexual excitement to a woman’s genitals.Some women maintain that they feel a direct link between their clitoris and nipples during sexual stimulation and orgasms.The breasts and nipples are both erotically hard-wired to a woman’s genital region, so that’s great to know if you want to try having a breast or nipple-gasm. At the very least, don’t ignore these sensitive erogenous zones during sexy play, because they can help you become much more orgasmic, if not lead to orgasms directly by themselves!

11.The Oral Orgasm – No, this is not a genital orgasm produced by oral sex, but an orgasm of the mouth produced when giving oral sex, also called a mouth-gasm.Seriously? I have to admit that I was a bit skeptical about mouth-gasms.I saw the now banned “Deep Throat” when I was younger, where Linda Lovelace experiences a so-called throat-gasm from deep throating.I remember thinking it was BS and all male fantasy at the time. I mean, what guy wouldn’t want their partner to get off from giving them a blow job?Am I right?But, it seems that oral-gasms could be a real thing.Indeed, I have gotten seriously turned on by giving head myself to my partner while receiving G-spot stimulation, and know that part of that pleasure was a direct result of giving him oral sex. It stands to reason that people could develop an oral fixation (according to Freudian psychoanalysis, is the first psychosexual development stage wherein the mouth of the infant is their primary erogenous zone), which could later in life manifest into an obsession with oral stimulation including oral sex. Incidentally, the throat is directly connected to the cervix according to Whipple/Komisaruk, due to the vagus nerves that travels through both areas. The larynx has also been associated with the vulva and vagina in that they closely resemble each other. According to Tantra teacher Mariah Freya who writes about her experience of having a throat-gasm, it can happen during deep-throating, “When I started deep-throating, I noticed that my throat started to get hot. I was getting super horny and was yearning for penetration. This yearning for penetration turned into an orgasm, once I opened up for being penetrated inside my throat. The trick was to surrender with my throat to his penetration. It’s a pure orgasmic state, where thoughts are non-existent. Just bliss. It all happens inside your throat and the orgasmic explosion throws your mind into an almost transcendental state.” [viii]Eyal Matsliah, on YourTango reports that throat-gasms “are related to the arousal of the pituitary gland at the back of the throat, which is also a minor chakra according to Tantra…” (called the throat-clit) and that women can even experience throat ejaculation via the emission of “huge quantities of saliva and mucus that can be very viscous.” Throat-gasms can be “accompanied by convulsions and spasms and a need to make strong sounds... [which] feels more transcendent.” [ix]Mouth-gasms can be produced by women who are sensitive orally during kissing, licking, sucking or deep-throating. So, what’s next? Give your guy a blow job! Or, start sucking your thumb. No, don’t go there!

12.Blended Orgasm – A blended orgasm happens when two or more erogenous zones are stimulated to orgasm. It can often happen during simultaneous clitoral and vaginal pleasure, or anal and clitoral pleasure, or even breast stimulation and g-spot orgasm. Imagine having every erogenous zone stimulated at the same time and the type of orgasm it could produce! Blended or combination orgasms can happen quite frequently in some women who tend to be multi-orgasmic. Being multi-orgasmic, by the way, is not something most women are born with. It is a practice and a skill that can be learned and honed after years of sexual experimentation. Sexual pleasure, arousal and desire are skills we can develop over time, if we desire.

13.Multiple Orgasms – Multiple orgasms (or the Mega-Gasm! or a Massive Orgasm like the one above that looks similar to a stroke...) are a series of orgasms that can happen in quick succession, one after the other. Sometimes there is a pause in between, and some times they are experienced as one orgasm bleeds into the next and you don’t know where one stops and the other starts as they all blend together. Many women can experience multiple orgasms, for up to a minute or less. But, some people have this skill down to a science, like my old mentor, Annie Sprinkle. In her film “How to Be a Sex Goddess” Annie demonstrates a 5 minute orgasm with the help of the Magic Wand and two “assistants”. She calls this a Mega-gasm (a type of sexual/emotional cleansing), and it is really amazing to watch. Given the name “Mahamudra” by members of an eastern cult, Annie proves there are no limits to what is erotically possible. During my time as a practicing Domme, I helped coordinate a scene for a submissive woman where she was stimulated into a mega-gasm by myself and two other e-hem “assistants”. It lasted at least 5 minutes or longer until she was totally exhausted, and had to stop. I myself have also experience G-spot orgasm for long lengths of time (like twenty minutes), until I turn into a puddle of mush. So, if you are interested in trying out the Mega-gasm, get a few friends and a good high-powered wand massager, and see what transpires!Make sure you are hydrated and have lots of stamina (rest, food, relaxation) before exploring this type of pleasure for the best success.

14.Fire Breathe Energy Orgasms – I first heard of these types of orgasms from Annie Sprinkle years ago, and once again, thought it was something only a few lucky people could do. Then I met Kim Airs and she told me she could actually do this neat little trick which she called a Mind-gasm or “thinking-off”, and I interviewed her about it on my old blog.“Some people say that the mind is the biggest sexual organ, and for Kim Airs this is definitely true…Kim, and a few other omni-sexuals, have mastered the art of having an orgasm just by thinking about it.” [x] Kim Airs was part of a scientific orgasm study at Rutgers where she was strapped into a MRI so doctors could watch her brain waves as she experienced orgasms without manual stimulation. Barbara Carrellas, author of “Urban Tantra” calls this type of orgasm a “Breathe Energy Orgasm” and was also a part of the study at Rutgers, in which the “sexual” parts of her brain lit up as she climaxed. She claims that anyone can learn how to do this, and I agree. I practiced the method she describes in her book and could achieve an energy orgasm myself. It starts with laying on your back, becoming very relaxed, doing Tantra breathwork, kegels, pelvic tilts and aural vocalizations. It also takes a lot of patience, practice, concentration and fantasy. Dr. Ian Kerner, sex therapist, says “The brain is the most powerful sex organ” and that the ability to do this is stronger in women. Thinking -off is called a type of spontaneous orgasm which doesn’t involve the genitals. However, when you are doing kegels and hip thrusts, this does stimulate the genitals and root chakra indirectly. In another study at Rutgers, they found that when volunteers focused on erotic fantasy, their brains lit up in ways that were “indistinguishable from normal orgasms”. This type of thinking-off has also been called “the I Shakti technique,” and is practiced during Tantric sex. Practicing Tantra can help men and women to become much more orgasmic and tuned into their own sexuality. So, if this type of orgasm intrigues you, I recommend taking a course in Tantra.

So, we covered 14 types of orgasms (go back to Part 1 if you missed the first 7!). Pretty amazing that our bodies and minds are capable of such sensual feats, wouldn’t you agree?

My point in writing this post is to introduce you to the possibilities of orgasm, and let you know this is available to you, if you want to learn how, explore your sexual power, and practice. No-one needs to suffer from a pleasure-less sex life, unless there is medical reason why, every woman can experience various types of orgasms.

For some, a clitoral orgasm may be all you’ll ever want or ever need. But, for others, let your mind expand to the possibilities that are available. Our minds and bodies, and the potential for orgasm is still very much a mystery, one that you can unravel and explore for yourself!

The ability to have “spontaneous orgasms” will be the topic of my next article post, so stay tuned! It’s called “Weird- Gasms”.

Stay Healthy&Active, Yo!





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