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The Top 14 Types of Female Orgasms – Yes, These Are Real - Part 1

How Many Types of Female Orgasms Are There Anyway?

Um... Lots...

When I was a Budding Sexologist


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There was a time, when I thought there was only one (possibly two) types of female orgasms.We had the clitoral orgasm, or old faithful, which most girls figure out how to get on their own, and then maybe vaginal, which according to many sexual studies, only 30% of women can achieve.If you were lucky enough to get number 1 and 2 together, then you could conceivably achieve a combined or blended type of orgasm.

That was it.

One for sure… Two if you were a freak… and THREE, if you were an orgasmatron.Plus, number three didn’t really count, because it was just a combination of the two other types of orgasms, so not a defined type, but more like multi-tasking.

Sigmund Freud first suggested that there were two types of female orgasms: clitoral (which were what immature women have) and vaginal (which only mature women could achieve). He believed that the clitoris was best used for masturbation, while the vagina could be stimulated best by sexual intercourse. Contrary to Freud, Alfred Kinsey believed that there was only one type of orgasm women could experience which was clitoral.However, up until the 70s, some doctors still claimed that female orgasms didn’t even exist and most doctors thought it was normal for women not to orgasm.

Then I found pioneer sexologist and former porn star Dr. Annie Sprinkle, Ph.D.Upon reading her philosophy on orgasms and watching her sex-ed films (not the porn ones) I learned there may be more than just 2 types of orgasms that women could have.

Annie argued that there were at least seven types of female orgasms, and she and other sexperts maintained in “Annie Sprinkle’s Amazing World of Orgasms” that there were multiple, if not hundreds of ways to experience orgasms.

I was like “WOW!”, really?I must admit I was very skeptical about these other types of orgasms.But, at that moment, I was determined to find for myself and uncover the truth about female orgasms.And, so began my plunge into hedonism (I mean sexology).

7 Types of Orgasms According to Annie Sprinkle


Annie Sprinkle’s 7 Types of orgasms included: Clitoral Orgasms—check!, Inter-vaginal Orgasms—Sure, okay, Combination Orgasms—Yes, both together… and then these amazing freaky-deaky types: Dreamgasms, Microgasms, Breath and Energy Orgasms, and Megagasms.

Phew! I’m exhausted just naming them all.

But, amazingly, the more I studied and explored my own orgasmic potential, I came to realize that Annie was indeed a pioneer of female orgasms, and her findings were not all metaphysical woo-woo or hocus-pocus, but in fact based on real science.Since that time, I have been fortunate enough to experience multiple types of female orgasms, and, like Annie, believe that “orgasms are like grains of sand, in that no two are alike.”

Top 14 Types of Female Orgasms


1.Clitoral – The clitoral orgasm, as I stated above is like Old Faithful. This is because it is usually the first type of orgasm that a young woman finds out how to have by herself, and is also the easiest type to have.The clitoris is an amazing structure, that goes deep inside the female genitals and embraces all the other erogenous zones.It is connected to, if not part of, the G-spot (the urethral sponge), U-spot, anus, vulva, and every other part of the of the va-jay-jay that can get you off.But, it is the clitoral glans that most people think of as the main part of the clitoris and it is indeed super-hyper-sensitive, with over 8000 nerve endings, which is why it is guaranteed to get you off.This type of orgasm is a quick build up of pressure and release orgasm, like a sneeze.Achoo!Ah, that felt good!It is a great type of orgasm because you can achieve it so quickly and because it releases built-up stress and tension.I can achieve a 30 second orgasm from using the Shegasm and so can you, which gives your clit what feels like a mini-blow-job via suction and vibration.Give it a try!

2.U-spot – The U-spot is the area around the urethra opening.Internally, it is surrounded by the clitoris on the top and both sides in an upside-down U shape.When stimulated, it can create powerful orgasms and is also responsible in part for female ejaculation.The U-spot is also connected internally to the female prostate and Skene’s Glands, which means when you stimulate it, you may ejaculate as well. When aroused, the erectile tissue surrounding the opening fills with blood and triggers the Skene’s Glands (on either side of the urethral opening) to produce ejaculate.The best way to stimulate and arouse the U-spot is via oral sex, by licking it like an ice cream cone, slow and gently.Try licking the ridge above the urethra opening in small half-circles, or even sucking it. The well lubed tip of a penis can also be used to gently stroke this area to make you come.Make sure you are adequately turned on before attempting to stimulate this are, as it could become irritated if not properly aroused.A U-gasm feel lush and divine, very sensual and erotic.

3.Vaginal – The vagina is also sensitive to pleasure and has various erogenous zones inside of it that when stimulated in the right way, can produce orgasms.While 70% of women can ONLY get off on clitoral stimulation, less than 30% can achieve vaginal orgasms during intercourse.This is not because women are “broken”, for many women can achieve orgasm on their own, but is due to many other issues. This includes the time spent during intercourse (it usually takes women approximately 20 minutes or more to get off vaginally, while the average amount of time most couples take to have sex is 5.4 minutes), the amount of foreplay involved, your level of arousal and desire, the sexual positions used and lots of other obstacles that may hinder orgasmic pleasure.The thing is, mind over matter.You can achieve anything you want to achieve with enough sexual knowledge, exploration, practice, an open mind and persistence.Vaginal orgasms are felt deeper, and usually have bigger contractions.They can include G-spot, cervical, or deep spot orgasms.

4.G-spot – The G-spot is my favorite type of orgasm, since many so-called doctors, scientists and sexologists still try to prove it doesn’t exist.For that reason, I have been a huge advocate of the G-spot, and spent years studying all about it, and perfecting G-spot pleasure on myself. The G-spot is just inside the vagina on the upper wall and is a bundle of tissues, nerve endings and glands that fill with fluids and become puffed up once aroused.When properly stimulated, it can cause orgasm and/or female ejaculation, or both.However, orgasm and squirting can also be separate, and don’t need to happen simultaneously.Approximately 30% of women have affirmed they can achieve g-spot orgasms, which to me feels like a huge building pressure inside of me that finally explodes with a gush of hot wet fluid.Without ejaculation, G-spot orgasms are deep and thunderous, and feel more full-bodied.It can be reached via finger play, a curved G-spot toy with a bulbous head, or via penetration with a penis. The best positions for G-spot stimulation is Cowgirl, or advanced missionary with her ankles resting on his shoulders and him standing or kneeling in front of her, his penis angled up to massage her G-spot.

5.Squirting Orgasms – These are often associated with G-spot orgasms, but you can have a G-spot orgasm without squirting, and you can squirt without G-spot stimulation.  Also called female ejaculation, gushing or coming, it is the ejaculation of fluids from the Skene’s Glands (or female prostate).(There are actually 4 types of fluids that can be emitted from the female genitals during sexual stimulation). FE is much like male prostatic fluid and comes from the female prostate.It can come out in a few drops, or as a huge gush or squirt.It is usually associated with G-spot stimulation, but some women can experience FE from clitoral stimulation or other types of stimulation.You have to be very open to the idea of squirting to achieve this type of orgasm, and there are various techniques you can do to make it easier to achieve them.Squirting feels like a huge release of pressure, like bursting a water balloon inside of you, and can release lots of emotions as well.The main thing I found when I first attempted to squirt, was to relax deeply, breathe orgasmically, and pump my PC muscle with kegels while I stimulated my G-spot with a G-spot dildo.You will likely feel pressure like you want to pee, which is uncomfortable at first, but if you move past that it can become very pleasurable and orgasmic.Now, I mainly allow my partner to give me G-spot and squirting orgasms because he can stimulate me longer, which lead to continuous mega-gasms and puddles of ejaculated fluid.Warning, don’t do this without a plastic sheet on your bed.I find a plastic drop cloth works great and its cheap.

6.A-spot – The A-spot, also know as the inner vaginal zone, epicentre, AFE zone or Anterior Fornix, is found at the back of the vagina.There, is a disk-shaped lip or rim that surrounds the cervix.On either side of this disk is a groove that can be stimulated by deep penetration using fingers, toys or yes, a penis.On one side is the A-spot and on the other side is the P-spot.The A-spot is at the front end between the cervix and the bladder, and is said to produce multiple orgasms and make the vagina gush with fluids when stimulated properly.Stimulating this are can also indirectly stimulate the G-spot (which has lead to it also being called the 2 nd G-spot), so can create a combined orgasm.A-spot orgasms can feel very intense.I had one once, and gushed all over the bed, then nearly passed out from the intensity.Felt very dizzy afterwards for at least an hour.Was incredible, if you like that kind of thing.Most women need to be VERY aroused before attempting to touch that area of the vagina before it feels pleasurable.Some women may find it uncomfortable or even painful, as the cervix can hold a lot of pent up body armoring from past emotional traumas.

7.P-spot – The Deep Spot or Posterior Fornix is on the opposite side of the A-spot, so can be reached easier from the back (anal) side, and can be stimulated via anal sex.It likes firm, steady pressure, slow and deep, much like the A-spot. Since it is very much like the A-spot, I won’t spend too much more describing it, except to say that doggie style is one of the best positions for reaching this area, or by using a long curved, G-spot type toy.

Stay tuned to Part 2 of this article to find out what the next Top 7 Types of Female Orgasms are...

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