The experience of electrosex can be just a visual as it is stimulating. Using the Twilight Violet Wand, you can create a dazzling spectacle for you and your partner. The Twilight Wand comes complete with everything you need to stimulate, including 4 superbly crafted electrodes, each with their own unique look and feel.

Each glass wand glows as the power surges, and bringing the electrodes close to your partner's skin creates an ambient light show as the current arcs and dances across their skin The electrifying base has an intensity-adjusting dial, with a form and function that is pure elegant simplicity.

Specs: Zeus Twilight E-Stim Violet Wand

  • Size: Each electrode is approximately 7" long
  • Material: Glass electrodes, plastic base
  • 110v US voltage
  • 4 unique glass electrodes that install easily in the electrical base
  • Incredibly easy to use, for unique sensual play for all experience levels